Ron Funderberg

Meet Ron Funderberg, the CEO

Ron Funderberg, from young ambitious inner-city Syracuse youth to a mature modern CEO, has grown tremendously through his experience with the Good Life. In early stages of Good Life, Ron was simply a young mentee of founder Hasan “DJ Maestro” Stephens. He started by interning and working in the local entertainment and club industry in Syracuse as a protege. Eventually, his dreams of becoming a fashion designer and starting his own clothing label came to fruition. Utilizing everything that he learned and having the right supports around him gave him the strength and ability to carry out his vision.

Ron has since worked along side many major industry CEO’s including Sean “P-Diddy” Combs.  As “Unico-Re” clothing label grows, so does Ron’s passion to give back to what pushed him to achieve his goals. Ron is an active volunteer with Good Life now and is paying it forward through Good Life. He is a frequent speaker in the R.E.A.L. Talk Series, speaking to youth about his life experiences and choices that landed him where he is.

Unico-Re Official Commercial
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