R.E.A.L Life

Before youth can think about money, business or any other aspect in life, many are struggling with everyday life skills and the ability to cope with social, emotional and family challenges. GLYF focuses on helping youth understand the dynamics of maneuvering through life and making positive life choices, despite the odds they face. Through a culturally competent approach, our life coaches work individually and in groups to help youth navigate life, while aiding in their social, emotional and personal development. This is done through one-on-one mentoring, or as we call it, life coaching. Our life coaches are young, street savvy and familiar with youth culture and Hip-Hop culture, thus building deep trusting relations with youth that relate to them. Youth also have opportunities to work in groups and see others traverse similar journeys toward success. Touching on serious issues and discussions that youth need to engage in for them to move forward. “For The Culture Series” – a series of group and community discussions about Hip-Hop culture and youth culture that focus on the impact and trajectory of being an “urban” youth. Discussions include social and emotional issues that many youth face daily.

315 LIFT Program

The 315 L.I.F.T. (Life Influencers Focusing Teens) is a street/community based life coaching program engaging the highest risk youth in Syracuse, NY and Onondaga County by providing mentorship, skills development, and employment opportunities to break cycles of violence, incarceration and poverty. Each youth participant works with a life coach to identify barriers, set goals, and take action for success. The program includes one-on-one life coaching, in-person engagements, group outings, and conflict resolution and mediation techniques. Youth also participate in skills-building workshops to improve personal skills. The model uses a “credible messenger” approach, utilizing assets from within the communities we serve to leverage past life experiences and expertise as a means to engage what is perceived as some of the toughest population of youth.

One MIC Program

The One MIC program is a school-based life coaching and mentoring program that uses hip-hop culture to engage and support students in in School who struggle with attendance and behavioral and grades (BAG) issues. The program includes Life Coaches who work with students to provide in-school mentoring, emotional support, conflict resolution, and social development. Family Coaches engage with families to identify external barriers to success and develop success plans for students. 

The program also includes “One Mic cyphers,” which are hip-hop informed SEL circles that provide a safe space for students to express themselves. The circles combine mentoring, transformative curriculum, and positive peer support to increase attendance and lower disciplinary incidents. Other prosocial activities include classroom support, skills building, resource connection, entrepreneurial education, out-of-school activities and outings and familial support. The One MIC program aims to improve school culture and climate while helping students succeed through a series of motivational assemblies and events as well.

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