The Hip-Hop Center for Youth Entrepreneurship

The Hip-Hop Center for Youth Entrepreneurship will inspire the youth of Syracuse and truly fulfill the mission of the Good Life Youth Foundation. Designed by one of the leading minds in hip-hop architecture, the Center will be much more than a community center.

Artist’s Rendering of The Center

Sekou Cooke of Syracuse University has created a space that speaks to its visitors in a language they understand. The Center creates an environment where kids can be comfortable learning and growing.

The hip hop culture-infused surroundings will include a café where culinary interests can thrive, a gallery for display and sale of original artwork, and a music studio where teens can explore both the craft and business of the industry. The Center will serve as a hub for collaboration with like-minded organizations and become headquarters for our entrepreneurial enterprises: GLF Printing, Good Lawns and Good Eats.

Covered with colorful murals intended to inspire, 215 Tully Street is located across the street from a housing project. The building will also include some residential space itself.

Consider that it costs the city of Syracuse $60 million to incarcerate youth each year. Now consider we are only asking the community for $6 million, just a fraction of that cost, to build a Center for an organization that is already creating real change.

Join our vision for a brighter Syracuse

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