HipHop-preneurship Academy

The HipHop-preneurship Academy is a program that marries the culture of HipHop and Entrepreneurship in an effort to teach at-risk youth business literacy, entrepreneurial skills, and experiential training. The program provides youth with access to both experiential training and resources to ultimately attain higher than minimum wage jobs or start their own entrepreneurial ventures. 

Participants begin with a 4-week summer boot camp, where they will learn about entrepreneurship and be paid for their participation. A cohort of youth and their families will then participate in 10 workshops throughout the year, focusing on networking, exposure to other entrepreneurs, and curriculum learning. 

In partnership with Le Moyne College’s Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity, a refined group of youth will receive training, preparing them to enter a pitch competition for a chance to win up to $10,000 for their start-up business.

This program is especially important for marginalized, underserved youth who may not have access to these resources or opportunities otherwise. The 2-generational model of the program aims to reinforce R.E.A.L. Success at home and extend concepts of entrepreneurship to both youth and their parents. Winning businesses will be coached and supported to assist in the use of the funds and the development of their businesses.

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