Jennifer Holland

As a resident of the city of Syracuse and a mother of two teenage sons and a young daughter, Jennifer Holland knows all too well the need for community support for our youth.  She has always wanted to work with youth. Initially when she decided to further her education, she took up the criminal justice major with a concentration in juvenile studies. Later, she would move more towards the science side of the law as she realized the need and importance for ethically sound scientists in the justice field. Outside of school and work, Jennifer has always been involved in the lives of the youth in her community.

Although working towards her 3 degrees over the last 8 years has kept her from participating in the capacity she desired, she has finally settled into a position as a forensic scientist for Onondaga County and aspires to become a forward thinking leader making a real difference in the community. With an abundance of research, data collection, report writing and presentation experience, problem solving skills, connection to the community and a commitment to learning new skills to adapt to the needs of the foundation, she hopes to make that aspiration a reality as an essential part of The Good Life Foundation.

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