why we need your help

Solutions require community involvement...

The Good Life Youth Foundation is a community based organization, using "credible messenger" theory and approach in the work that we do. To be effective it requires that we are asset minded and utilize the assets within the community. It truly "takes a village to raise a child".  Youth need to hear from people that have similar lived experiences.Previous interaction with the justice system does not necessarily preclude anyone from becoming a volunteer. They need to be supported and surrounded by the community in order to progress.

We realize that not everyone that wants to give back to the community and help our youth may have the time that is needed to commit to mentoring. However, there are other ways to help ensure that we create "good lives". Want to collaborate? Partner with us, join our movement, volunteer to help us, speak to youth or support a mentor.

One thing we have learned is that "capacity costs." It takes financial commitment to continue our programming and services to the youth. How about you commit to a fundraising event of project to raise funds to continue our work. Donate to our projects and our cause, or simply contact us to have us present, train or speak to your organization, group or youth. There are many ways to volunteer with us!


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