Good Life Foundation
Henry Culbreath
Board Member

Henry Culbreath, Jr., an alumni of DC Public Schools who was reared in DC Public Housing as the son of two heroin addicts. Despite his tough upbringing, Henry embraced the assistance of multiple mentors and educational advocates and won a myriad of scholarships that culminated in him receiving his Master’s from the Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Leveraging his story,Henry has been a local inspiration to hundreds of youth in the city.

As a trained evaluator of public sector organizations, Henry returned to DC after a brief career as a Strategy Consultant and noticed a sizable gap between the ambition of youth-based organizations in DC and the actual execution of their program services. Henry found that while most organization’s programs look well on paper, they typically yielded mediocre outcomes due to the poor or unskilled execution of management and staff.  He found this to be particularly the case with youth in the Juvenile Justice System. As such, he founded Children, Children, Children, Inc. (CCC.) as a response to a system that lacked consistency and follow through at multiple levels. Henry sought to position CCC is as a model for best practices in the DC community with a mission to reduce delinquent behaviors, not with a mission statement, but by setting standards for execution, leveraging competent management and staff, and implementing best practices while remaining committed to program innovation. The ultimate goal of the organization is simple: Reduce recidivism and delinquent behaviors through social programming and education.