R.E.A.L. Success – Entrepreneurship & Career Readiness

R.E.A.L. Success!

Entrepreneurship has been known to be linked to improved academic performance amongst youth because it connects R.E.A.L. life experiences and opportunities for revenue with education that youth are learning now. In partnership with El Java Quadir (Entrepreneurship Professor at Whitman School, Syracuse University) and the Whitman School of Business and Management, Good Life is developing an urban focused Entrepreneurship Curriculum Training.

Job Readiness Workshops

The Good Life completed it’s first cohort and initiative teaching youth “soft skills” to prepare them for their summer jobs. We recently partnered with CNY Works, the local workforce development organization, to engage approximately 500 youth, teaching them how to acclimate to the workforce environment. The workshop was greatly successful and we look forward to next summer’s cohort.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp [April 23-27th]

Our Entrepreneurship Bootcamp connects youth with the key concepts of entrepreneurship, from a cultural perspective. Utilizing Hip-Hop culture and examples of Hip-Hop success, we teach youth how close they really are to inherently being natural entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Spotlight Series

Our workshop series engages youth encouraging them to think about what innate talents they possess and then helps them critically think about how they can turn that into a money making hustle. The workshops connect youth with local aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs to gain perspective and hear experiences. Youth are also exposed to national stories and examples of positive entrepreneurs they can relate to.

Ron Funderberg (Unico Re Clothing); www.unico-re.com
Eli Smith (So Gone Trash Removal); www.sogonetrashremoval.com
National spotlight: Dr. Farrah Gray; www.farrahgray.com/
Dr. Emad Rahim (Dean @ Bellevue University); https://twitter.com/DrEmadRahim
Taj Smith (Finally Focused Films); https://www.facebook.com/finallyfocus
Jasmine Coan (DJ Bella J); www.facebook.com/jasmine.coan?fref=ts
Hasan Stephens (DJ Maestro); mythofmaestro.com
JT Houston (H2Fitness);  www.h2fitness.net