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The Good Life Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for “at-risk” youth, both male and female. Through partnerships and collaborations, we provide various services and programs with the purpose of encouraging successful and productive careers and life strategies for “at-risk” youth, with the ultimate goal of encouraging entrepreneurship as a means to reduce recidivism, escape from poverty and improve academic performance.


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Why Choose Us

Using credible messengers, we meet the youth where they are at. Coming from similar lived experiences, youth tend to relate to our Life Coaches and we are able to establish a trust that is vital for the success of the youth.
Success looks different for every youth. Each youth is on a different pathway than others, which is why we create individual youth driven plans that focus on the strengths, talents and needs of each youth. Working with a very complex youth population, success for us is measured in key milestones that ultimately push youth toward a life of success.
People invest in organizations that work! Work for its clients and works to create real return on investment (ROI). At Good Life, we aim to see REAL social return on investment (SROI), and that is reflected in how many youth do not recidivate, how many youth increase attendance in school and academic performance and how many youth entrepreneurs we can help make.
Good Life helps to foster a level of trust with youth that helps achieve milestones. Often, our youth have been let down, disappointed, lied to and more. Our focus is on providing experiences and relationships that foster a different type of trust between youth and the organization and Life Coaches. The youth respond to us in ways they don't for others.
We are a local organization with extensive experience working with youth, our board of directors and professional staff have broad knowledge of community issues and needs, as well as connections. We’ve developed successful partnerships with local and national companies across different business sectors to ensure that we can connect youth to opportunity and access towards success.

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

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Programs / Services

Beyond 16 Bars

“Beyond 16 Bars” – is a culturally competent interactive and experiential learning program infused with Life skills themes to aid youth in social, emotional and personal development. “Beyond 16 Bars” creates understanding and new learning through utilizing Hip-Hop music and culture as a vehicle to convey necessary life

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R.E.A.L. Business Entrepreneurship Spotlight Series

R.E.A.L. Business!
Entrepreneurship has been known to be linked to improved academic performance amongst youth because it connects R.E.A.L. life experiences and opportunities for revenue with education that youth are learning now. In partnership with El Java Quadir (Entrepreneurship Professor at Whitman School, Syracuse University) and the Whitman School of

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Thousands of teenagers across the UK will have school lessons in mindfulness in an experiment designed to see.

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What people say

Meg O’Connell
The vision and work of Hasan and Good Life to connect disenfranchised and incarcerated youth to resources, education and entrepreneurial opportunities have been transformational. Good Life coaches and mentors enable young men to envision their lives with hope and opportunities and provide the tools to chart a new path out of poverty. We need to support Good Life because our youth deserve a chance to have meaningful and productive lives.
Gwen Webber-McLeod
The Good Life is a refreshing approach to addressing the needs of inner-city youth who have so much potential. I stand with and for the staff and Board of Good Life, a non-profit uniquely positioned to meet the needs of these youth.
Perfection Rivers
For me, Good Life is family. Good Life gives hope, faith and reassurance that, no matter what, everything will be ok. They help you understand that any negative, can be turned into a positive, but it all starts with "me". I know with Good Life, I can never fail. 99% of success is failure.
Hasan Stephens
In order to reach the youth, you have to speak their language, live their culture, and have experienced what they have. Hip-Hop has the power for change, it just needs to be harnessed. Hip-Hop saved my life. We intend for it to save many others as well.
Ruben Austria
The Good Life Youth Foundation combines a grassroots commitment to the community's toughest young people, with an excellence in the way they handle their business. They bridge the gap between the juvenile justice system and the community in ways that are much needed but extremely rare. Most importantly, they provide hope, education, and practical skills to young people to help them change the trajectory of their lives!