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315 L.I.F.T.

315 L.I.F.T. stands for Life Influencers Focusing Teens. Credible Messenger theory says that youth respond better when they connect with people from the community that have similar lived experiences and backgrounds. Our Life Coaches understand the streets because they have come from the streets.


315 L.I.F.T. is an Onondaga County funded partnership between GLYF and The Center for Court Innovation (CCI).  The 315 L.I.F.T. Project uses hip-hop music and culture and peacemaking to give youth the necessary skills to be successful. We combine mentoring, financial and entrepreneurship learning, and experiential opportunities to help youth learn how to navigate life, make and keep money, and even start their own business! Youth will also have opportunities to earn money through stipends. Additionally, some youth and their families will participate in peacemaking circles where they can “talk it out” with community peacemakers. Each circle begins with food. The Good Life Foundation offices are located on South Salina Street in zip code 13205. The Near Westside Peacemaking Project is located at 601 Tully Street in zip code 13204.

Youth are referred and receive personal “life coaches” while having access to a comprehensive combination of all Good Life services and programs. The 315 LIFT program is more intensive and metrics are tracked to identify shift in recidivism and re-arrest rates, as well as academic attendance and performance.


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