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R.E.A.L. Business Entrepreneurship Spotlight Series

R.E.A.L. Business!

Entrepreneurship has been known to be linked to improved academic performance amongst youth because it connects R.E.A.L. life experiences and opportunities for revenue with education that youth are learning now. In partnership with El Java Quadir (Entrepreneurship Professor at Whitman School, Syracuse University) and the Whitman School of Business and Management, Good Life is developing an urban focused Entrepreneurship Curriculum Training.

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Past Guests and Links to their websites: 

Ron Funderberg (Unico Re Clothing);

Eli Smith (So Gone Trash Removal);

National spotlight: Dr. Farrah Gray;

Dr. Emad Rahim (Dean @ Bellevue University);

Taj Smith (Finally Focused Films);

Jasmine Coan (DJ Bella J);

Hasan Stephens (DJ Maestro);

JT Houston (H2Fitness); 


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