Good Life Foundation


At The Good Life Philanthropic Youth Foundation, we simply ask youth to ‘GET REAL!” Get R.E.A.L. stands for Ready To Enter and Accept Life. We meet youth where they are at and take them on a journey of social, emotional and personal development, while connecting them to the necessary resources for success, accountability, sustainability and growth. Good Life utilizes youth culture as a bridge to opportunity, understanding and real transferrable skills, in a culturally competent way. The Get R.E.A.L. Program is a comprehensive 1 year program for high risk youth to guide them toward success by focusing on 3 key areas: Life Skills (R.E.A.L. Talk)Asset Building & Financial Education (R.E.A.L. Money), and Entrepreneurship (R.E.A.L. Business) training. While each of these components are individual programs, youth who are in the “Get R.E.A.L.!” program will interact with all of these components with the help of an individual Life Coach, while developing a blueprint for their journey toward success called an Achieve My Plan (AMP), which is a map for strategic coaching consisting of key milestones in the areas of personal developmenteducational improvementcommunity reinvestment, and workforce development. This is achieved through individual coaching, group mentoring, experiential learning activities and cultural development projects and activities.



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